CNE Gondola


This one dates back to August, when the Canadian National Exhibition (aka The CNE, or The Ex) was on. Here in Toronto the CNE always represents the end of summer. It starts roughly the same time the “back to school” sales begin to show up around town.

I haven’t been in many years because I find it far too crowded for my liking, but my buddy Brad (another photographer) wanted to go for a night shoot, which sounded fun. We arrived in the daylight, as you can see from this photo, but most of our time there was after dark. I’m only half way through editing those photos. For this one I brought out Wilson, my Canon 5D Mrk III, sporting the Canon 16-35mm f4 L glass lens.

This shot, in case it’s not entirely obvious, was taken looking straight up. I thought it might be something different and fun. Most of my shots from the outing are processed in black & white, save for this one and a few more.

Last night I came home to an Amazon box in my door. In it was my new copy of “Bystander, A History of Street Photography.” It’s a must-have book for any would-be street photographer’s collection. I don’t own a lot of photography books – I think seven in all – but it’s my view that it’s a good way to learn composition and to see how others see the world. Maybe one day I’ll write a post about my favourite street photography books.

Have a wonderful weekend. Hope you like the photo.

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2 Responses to CNE Gondola

  1. James says:

    I checked out “Bystander” when it arrived in bookstores last week. I was a bit disappointed – I thought there would be more photos. What are your thoughts on the book?

    • I’ve only started reading it, but I suspected it would be a lot of writing on the topic. I have many other books that are mostly photo books so for me I like that this one actually gives you a written history of the subject. That said, I did find myself just skimming it in the coffee shop. It’s a rather large book to be taking out anywhere.

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