Edward Burtynsky Exhibit Opens Today


What: Edward Burtynsky: Pentimento

Where: Nicholas Metivier Gallery, 451 King St. W., Toronto

When: Sept 16 to Oct. 9

Edward Burtynsky finds a new platform: the BP oil disaster

Toronto Star Newspaper | Murray Whyte | September 15, 2010

Over the past few decades, Edward Burtynsky has been making photographs that teeter on the edge of a studied ambivalence. The trick, he’s often said, is not to tell his viewers what to think, but to allow the staggering, often vertiginous perspective of his pictures do that work for him.

Of course, his subjects have done some of that work, too. Deep open-pit mines and quarries, or the broken hulls of massive freighters dragged up on shore to be pieced out for scrap were always charged with an unnerving simultaneity: The destructive capacity of our tiny species to rip holes in the planet’s surface, or build and break down monumental structures in a matter of months, was from Burtynsky’s distant vantage point at once horrifying and morbidly impressive.

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2 Responses to Edward Burtynsky Exhibit Opens Today

  1. lynnwiles says:

    I hope you are going to go see the exhibit and tell us all about it soon.

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