Graffiti Tunnel

Here’s another photo from Saturday’s outing. This tunnel is located at Monarch Park, next the Monarch Park High School. I went there for summer school back in grade 11. It was probably the only positive experience I remember from my school days, not including college in later years. I had a blast and the teacher was terrific. Anyway, even though I’d gone to the school next door to the park, I’d never seen this tunnel before Saturday. Amazing, the hidden treasures lurking right under our noses, eh?

So here we are, Monday morning. Not only am I on the later shift today, I now have to do the later shift Tuesdays, too. Man, that really messes with my sleep pattern, which sucks at the best of times. What are you going to do, though. Happy Monday. Hope you like the photo.

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3 Responses to Graffiti Tunnel

  1. into the light, such a cool photo.

  2. milkayphoto says:

    Really nice one, Dave. The tones, the light, the slight tilt. Well done.

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