Girl at Moon Bean Cafe


I shot this lovely young lady at Kensington Market on the weekend. The light on her was fantastic. I also have a b/w version but I really think the colour one works best.

I shot this with the 18/2 prime (28mm equivalent) which, being a wider lens, shows more of the surrounding environment. Speaking of lenses, I just bought a Fuji 27mm f2.8 prime lens, which is 41mm full frame equivalent. It should make for some nice portraits. Haven’t gotten out with it yet but I plan to this weekend. I ordered it off of Ebay from China and it was like $215 CAD, which is a great price compared to the $599 CAD it sells for at our local camera stores here in Toronto.

Hope you’ve been keeping well. Have a great Tuesday.

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2 Responses to Girl at Moon Bean Cafe

  1. I met the sister to your girl a bit older but the prettiest I’ve seen since my wife died who I’ve communicated with! Oh .. nice shot and great deal on lens … I been reduced to my panasonic lumix 16 zoom — I’m happy for you!

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