And that’s how babies are born…


There’s this statue out front of a hospital on University Ave that’s incorporated into a bench. I saw these two construction workers and asked them to sit on the bench and let me shoot them. I thought it would be hilarious if it looked like the pregnant statue was chatting with them. I think it worked out great. I could have sworn I posted this a long time back but I did a search and couldn’t find anything. I guess I didn’t. I shot this with my Tokina 11-16mm F2.8 wide angle lens @ 11mm, then cropped the photo.

Well it’s full on snowing here in Toronto. The photo walks group to which I belong is going out tonight for a shoot and some drinks, but with all the snow and -10 C, it’s looking more and more like a movie night at home with some wine.

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2 Responses to And that’s how babies are born…

  1. this is great, and it’s so natural looking, as if yeah, he is probably talking to his friend, but it looks like he’s conversing with the statue. I saw this and thought, he’s a genius if he caught this on the fly. (I still think you’re a genius though in setting it up).

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