Filmores Hotel


This is Filmores. It’s an old strip joint just east of Yonge Street, in Toronto. I’ve posted photos of it before, but this one’s a little different. You see, there used to be a big high rise hotel next door to it, out of the frame on the left side of the photo. That hotel would cast a big shadow on Filmores’ west facing wall in the late afternoon. Well, recently they demolished the hotel to make room for yet another condo development. Suddenly, the late afternoon setting sun illuminates Filmores’ west wall in a way it has not been illuminated for probably many decades. But this is a temporary situation that will be gone once the new condo development next door is built.

When I first noticed it I was without my camera, but pledged to come back and shoot it the next chance I got. And that was last weekend, during my outing to Kensington Market. Fortunately I had my 16-35mm wide angle lens with me. I took a bunch of photos but I think this one works best. I always like people in my shots.

Anyway, long story short, if you’re into shooting urban environments it’s important to consider what spots are in a state of transition. Me, I always enjoy capturing something I know will soon be gone, for one reason or another. You’re photographing history in the making. This is an example of that.

Happy Saturday.

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